Blockchain Developers’ Token Creation and Smart Contract Movement


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New York entrepreneur Dean Anastos has a knack for creative ventures. He is a brain cancer activist known for the short films “The Assignment” and “Dear John McCain,” with several film projects in pre-production, such as “Maria Canje” (as well as the novel version, to be released soon) and “Ohneka,” a paranormal movie about a Native American vengeful spirit.

Accordingly, he is currently leading the effort to curate a groundbreaking film called “Rise of the ICO,” which will provide viewers with a multiple-perspective look at how the crypto world is evolving.

Anastos also has a diverse background in the financial realm, having founded two companies dealing with mortgages in the secondary market.

Today, he is bringing together his skills as a full-stack developer to lead an ambitious development team in his latest business: Blockchain Developers. This startup, which specializes in token creation and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, was recently launched to address the soaring demand for token creation and crowdsale services.

Blockchain Developers could best be described as a boutique site for token launches. The company’s skilled and experienced staff of developers can assist with getting a token project expediently launched on the blockchain. This includes all interfaces …read more