Slovenia Plays Host to the World’s First “Bitcoin City”

By Nick Marinoff

Slovenia Plays Host to the World's First “Bitcoin City”

One of the smallest countries in the EU may also have some of the biggest ambitions. Slovenia has announced that its largest shopping center — coincidentally known as BTC City — will transform into a complete bitcoin city, in which every store and venture will accept cryptocurrency and operate via blockchain technology.

The complex, located in the country’s capital of Ljubljana, stretches over 1,558,398 square feet and contains over 500 retail stores. Prime Minister Miro Cerar recently visited the shopping center, where he was treated to a cup of coffee (purchased with cryptocurrency by State Secretary Tadej Slapnik). Details regarding the center’s newfound approach to bitcoin are being headed by fintech startup Eligma.

“The purpose of his visit was to open the Beyond 4.0 international conference, dedicated to digital society and blockchain, and to get acquainted with BTC City’s strategy to become a Bitcoin City,” said BTC City representatives.

BTC City initially began in 1954 as a warehouse and logistics center. More warehouses were added to the complex over time, and, by 1990, it …read more